Terms & Conditions

Check In/Out:    Booking in (arrival) time is 3pm to 8.00pm. Last booking out (departure) time is 10.30am.
Pets:    Please note that we do not accept pets.
Children:    We accept children aged 6 years and over only.
Deposits:    We require a 50% deposit to process your booking, with the balance being
payable on arrival. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.
Cancellations:    Cancelling within fourteen days of your arrival date will result in the
balance of your account being taken.
Guest Garden:    Guests are welcome to use our garden at their own risk.
Smoking:    Please note that we are a non-smoking establishment.
Breakages/Damage:    The proprietors of Adam Place Guest House reserve the right to make a charge for any damage caused by guests to any part of the property or its contents.
Liability:    We do not accept liability for damage, loss or injury unless caused by proven negligent act or omission of ourselves.

Many thanks for your co-operation.